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One of the most frequently asked question is about the cost of LASIK.  Laser vision correction is a great way to decrease dependency on glasses and contacts. Although insurance does not cover LASIK or PRK, the savings over many years of buying glasses or contacts can be substantial.  We like to be completely transparent about our fees at our practice, so here is how much the procedure will cost you. Bear in mind that these costs include the pre-operative evaluation, procedure, and all post-operative visits up to 1 year.  Dr. Tan is often able to also provide the post-operative eye drops for you, free of charge.

All-laser custom Wavefront LASIK:  $5,500 for both eyes
Conventional LASIK:  $4,500 for both eyes
Wavefront PRK:  $4,500 for both eyes
Glasses/contacts:  Estimated $500/year, or $10,000 over 20 years

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LASIK or PRK is recommended only after a thorough evaluation, and not all patients qualify. If you have questions about LASIK, we recommend that you come in for a consultation with Dr. Kevin Tan or with one of our highly knowledgeable optometrists, Dr. Reshma Shah and Dr. Anh Tran. They are happy to answer any of your questions about the procedure and will help determine whether you are a good candidate. Below is an excerpt from a recent Yelp review by Mark O. of San Francisco, who highlighted his experience with Dr. Tan.

“All in all the operation was over in probably less than 10 minutes and after resting for a few hours I could notice my vision was already better than without glasses, and it seemed to progressively get better through the night.  I e-mailed Dr. Tan that night with some questions about eye maintenance and making sure I understood the recovery protocol.  He responded within minutes!  After my checkup the very next day I discovered I now have 20/15 vision, better than with glasses!
Dr. Tan was great the entire process from beginning to end.  I'm really glad I chose him as my doctor for LASIK.  He also works out of two offices, one near Stonestown Mall and the other near the financial district, both were convenient to me at different times.

Good luck with your decision to do LASIK or not and which doctor to choose, but I didn't go wrong.”

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